The Path to Mastery is seen as one of Life Long Learning and Skill Building.                   

Hello there!  This is Si Jarboe,  I'm the creator of  "North of 40 Horse Woman", who's been riding professionally and recreationally for over 50 years.  I started riding at the age of 8 on a wild run-away, no brained,  palomino gelding named "Thunderbolt". My loving father bought him, having not a clue in the world what a good starter horse should be, but dang, he had color!

 I'm sure some of you are laughing..... having similar experiences whether it's you as the child or you've DONE this for your child. Or.... you've done this for (to) yourself.  It was all offered in the name of love and wanting to please.

Fast forward to "Now".. There are so many of us Horse Women out there that love horses, have horses or want horses. Some of you had horses as a child or a young woman. For some of you, "Life" got in the way with children, husbands, careers, you name it and know what I'm talking about. 

Some of you are still waiting, but life has begun to allow you more time. That passing thought of a horse is becoming more frequent.  The looming question is "how do I begin?"

Some of you already have gotten "Old Killer" who is wiley enough to outsmart you even when he lets you get just close enough with the grain bucket to almost catch him. 

You may have bought that innocent, darling youngster thinking we'll learn and grow together.  Visions of you two riding off into the proverbial sunset with hearts floating into the air.

Just this morning, that darling youngster narrowly missed your right leg with a playful kick that sent your heart through your chest and you out of the stall like a scalded cat !

Or you may have gotten lucky with a forgiving horse that will pack you just about anywhere.  But you're tired of riding the same trails, and you hear a lot of people are having fun doing things with cattle, trail courses or reining (come to think of it, what the heck is reining you say). 

You wonder where to start, if your horse has the desire to do anything besides happily see you on weekends. Or if he lives at home, be something more than just a lovely pasture orniment. 

A lot of you are thinking to yourselves, "can I get back into horses", or "I'm afraid I've lost the fearless nature I used to have', or "why does it look so easy for others and I can't get my horse to do any thing I want him to do!"

What ever the case, Your time is NOW to get back to the Love of Your Life.... Horses.

I will guide and instruct you from a safe educated way,  and notice I use the word Guide as well as Instruct.   I know how to be sensitive to your fears, address your indecision, guide you with the right timing of leg, hand or seat.  So much of horse training is timing, and you say, heck I don't want to be a horse trainer, I just want to ride safely and have some fun.

Well guess what, you're "training" your horse every time you interact with him. 

After riding a lot of good and bad horses, I've developed a pretty big "tool box" of Body Language, Timing and Feel.  Those tools enable me to have resources that can keep me out of trouble and usually be able to anticipate what's coming next. 

Horses are Creatures of Habit.  With each individual, there's a certain amount of guarenteed response to an action.  Therein you utilize those tools I've helped you acquire.

 I truly enjoy teaching and sharing those tools.  My belief is when one runs out of tools their  frustration and anger set in.  We lose ground with our horses, and fail to "show up" in our best light. They get just as confused or angry or both; the communion is lost between you. 

Women teaching Women, is a concept that doesn't happen often enough in my opinion.  We interact differently, have physical capabilities that differ from men, and generally "fall in love" with our horses which can lend itself to being too forgiving, not knowing when to be assertive or just attempting to over look those bad traits until we get hurt. 

Life's a journey ~ we adapt, we learn, we interact ~ we women are good at that.  You'll find that your new found healthy interaction with your horse will expand into other aspects of your life with a positive outcome.  You'll stand taller, ride better and love life more.  That's been my life philosophy and has served me well.

 Finally, students and friends have urged me for at least 15 years to start a clinic series and I have selfishly been putting it off.  My time is Now as well.  I'm ready to give you all I've got and enjoy new discoveries together.. I've always got a lot more to learn and look forward to your friendship and shared insight.

I hope you'll join me.  Here's to success with our horses, a more empowering life and big smiles on each of our faces. 



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